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Italian Minestrone Soup Recipe For Kids

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I was born on the island of Sardinia, Italy right in the cuore (heart) of the mediterranean sea in a little village called Orroli in the mountains of the Nuorese province where people live to be 100, in large part due to the healthy food they eat.

As a child we didn’t eat special food, we ate what the adults ate, all the food was healthy, cooked the same way for all the family.

So as a chef i never thought to write healthy recipes for kids because i never had this problem, the food we ate was healthy already!

Children are the most important thing and we have got to give them a good start in life by giving them the healthiest food.

Good and healthy food eating starts from birth to help them to build strong bones and healthy body if we give them bad food they will grow up very weak with skin full of spots, bones will start crumbling and many others diseases.

If we love our children let us give them the best start in life that they deserve.

Minestrone Soup is one of these healthy foods with lots of healthy vegetables – beans, milk, cheeses, fruits, nuts, fresh home made pastas, ravioli with riccota cheese and spinach pastas with tomatoe sauce and parmesan, bolognese sauce fresh buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes, fresh strawberries that contain polyphenols are all other examples.

Actually my father used to dip the dummy in to the red wine it never did us any harm, wine is loaded with potent heart-protective polyphenols that give a longer life.

I am not saying to give the kids a glass of wine of course! But a little drop wont harm them.

With healthy body structure from a young age and continuing throughout life you will be surprised what life you can live. I’ve been brought up with all these healthy foods and still eating healthy food since, now at 62 i still feel 20!.

So to finish this introduction i think is about time that i start writing healthy recipes for kids today the world is full of places selling junk food, i love children they all call me uncle Paolo, and they always love the food I cook in my restaurants so we need to teach children how to eat good and healthy food so they can live healthy and longer life.

One recipe that is a great favourite of all children is my Minestrone Soup and it is so good for your children and an easy way to get them to eat vegetables if they do not like them normally, maybe your children could help you to prepare this dish and then they will be sure to want to try it.

Cut all your vegetables small then your children will like it more as they get older you do not have to cut the vegetables so small.

Hope you enjoy and let me know if your kids enjoy my minestrone soup!

And if you want to find more great recipes like this then check out my new Italian Cookbook



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The lentils and beans must be put in a bowl covered in water and left overnight to soak.


Heat the olive oil in a large sauce pan over a medium heat


Add the onions and garlic and pork bone cook gently turning for a couple of minutes till lightly brown.


Add the parsley, tomatoes, all the beans and all the vegetables. Cover with water.


Bring to the boil then turn down to low, stir and leave to cook.


Keep going back to check and keep stiring.

35 / 45 mins.

Cook for 35/ 45 mins.


Add the pasta if cappalina for 3mins


Add salt to our taste and remember only a little for healthy eating

1 hour

Turn the heat up on the cooker bring to the boil then turn down low and cook for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

20 minutes

Remove from the heat and leave to rest for 20 minutes. Ladle the soup into warm bowls and serve with crusty bread

Paolo Pala

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